Daily Deals

We discount specific menu items each day of the week, offered all day while we're open! Follow us on Instagram or sign up for our loyalty program to stay in the loop about Daily Deals!


BYOB! Build your own Biscuit on Sundays @ Pure Soul! Choose between Hot *Honey* Chkn, Impossible sausage, Just Egg, Cheeze, Avocado, and seasonal spreads from local farms


Meatless Monday! Get our Meal Deal (sandwich, side, & a drink) starting at $12.99


Fried *Shrimp* Day! Get either the *Shrimp* Plate or Po'Boy Plate for $13.99 every Thursday depending on supplies!


Fried *Fish* Fryday! Get our Fried *Fish* Plate for $12.99 every Friday.


Chkn Lover Saturday! Get either the Kind Chkn Sandwich Plate or Chkn Strips Plate for $12.99 depending on supplies!